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Is KENT Underwear still in business? Kent Underwear Update after Shark Tank | Shark Tank Season 14

The very first episode of Shark Tank season 14 as well as the very first pitch featured KENT Underwear. If you love eco-friendly products and businesses, you’ll absolutely love this one. Kent underwear offers 100% organic, plant-based, synthetic-free, and compostable organic pima cotton underwear that is made in Los Angeles, California.

What is KENT Underwear?

Kent Underwear, based in Los Angeles, California offers the world’s first compostable, 100% organic underwear for both men and women. Motivated by her time in Copenhagen, Denmark, Entrepreneur Stacy Grace started Kent Underwear.

Looking at the lack of variety and innovation in the underwear industry, Stacy Grace took it upon herself to create a product line of her own in the undergarments consisting of comfortable, organic, cotton undergarments that will most likely check all your boxes.

Having a background in the fashion industry, gave her an edge in the clothing business. Kent Underwear is made with plant-based, super-natural materials having no synthetics or plastics. The concept of 100% organic and eco-friendly products is what most companies are trying to go for as this is the most future-proof way of keeping the company in business as well as keeping the environment from being damaged.

Kent Underwear offers several styles of underwear, including briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs. They come in a variety of sizes for both men and women. The underwear is made from a blend of cotton, modal, and elastane, which the company claims offers a soft and breathable fabric that is also stretchy and form-fitting.

The Patented waistband that is designed to stay in place and not roll or bunch up during wear is also a feature that solves a common problem with general underwear. Overall, KENT underwear is a premium brand that offers eco-friendly, comfortable, and high-quality underwear for everyone.

The underwear cost ranges from $28 – $144 and can be purchased directly from their website.

Company NameKENT Underwear
Product TypeWorld’s first Compostable Undergarments that are environmentally friendly and made from Pima cotton
Founder(s)Stacy Grace & Jeff Grace
Founded 2016
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, USA
Shark Tank USA EpisodeSeason 14 Episode 1
Episode Air DateSep 23, 2022
Asked for $200k for 5% Equity
Final Deal$200k for 15% Equity
SharkDaymond John
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Amazon LinkBuy Now!

Kent Underwear Before Shark Tank

Stacy Grace founded Kent Underwear in 2016 with a mission to design underwear made from natural materials that could also return to nature. After Conducting a survey with over 1,000 women about their underwear, she understood they also wanted underwear that looked as good as it felt – made from natural materials, had fewer toxins, less irritation, was a better fit, and was overall environmentally friendly.

100% Goats Certified Pima Cotton is the secret behind the compostability of the underwear, after its life ends, the underwear goes back to nature in 90 days.

1% of its revenue goes to the plant as it is working as a partner with a family-owned apparel factory.

The Grace Family came to the Shark Tank looking for expertise and funding to grow their business.

Did the Sharks turn down Kent Underwear?

The Entrepreneurs Stacy and Jeff Grace came to Shark Tank with their company Kent Underwear asking for $200K for a 5% Equity with a $4 Million valuation.

Stacy talked about the problem the industry had and the solution their company was coming up with to which most of the sharks agreed.

Shark’s Take – Shark did not like the company’s high valuation which is quite common with new startups. However, they found the concept quite interesting and unique and something that was currently not in the market.

Selling Cost$20-$24
Manufacturing Cost$8.7
Cost Analysis

The company sales were as follows as per the Pitch

2022 (till September 2022)$99,000

The Majority of the sales came from E-commerce (85%) and the rest from their one retail wholesale partner (15%).

Since it was quite a new concept, Sharks were a little skeptical about investing their money into the business as it was quite risky. Mark Cuban backed out because of the same reason and other sharks were thinking about it too.

OFFERS – The first offer was made by Barbara Corcoran for $200k for a 20% Equity. The sharks took advantage of the first episode as it was a live premiere and asked the audience how often they purchase new underwear to which the audience responded every two years.

Robert Herjavec also liked the business concept and gave an offer of $200k for a 15% Equity. Meanwhile, Lori Greiner decided to match Robert’s offer. Furthermore, Daymond John came with his offer of $200k for 15% Equity as well. Overall, Kent Underwear got 4 amazing offers from 4 Sharks which is quite rare.

Stacy and Jeff decided to accept the deal with Daymond John and left Shark Tank with a Deal. They thought of Daymond John as a perfect fit for their business.

FINAL DEAL – Daymond John investing $200k in KENT underwear for 15% Equity.

Daymond John’s deal was taken.

Did the deal go through after the Shark Tank Show?

Yes, The official Kent Underwear Instagram page confirmed the deal went through with Daymond John. There was also a press release confirming the deal landed after the show in Oct 2022.

What Happened to KENT Underwear After Shark Tank?

The founders were able to land a great deal with a shark Daymond John who they had the most faith in. The deal was signed at a valuation of $1.3 million.

The company was featured by various media publications including Financial Times, Treehugger, Refinery29, and many more. As of March 2023, the founders are in talks with some popular retail stores to sell their compostable underwear and they are also in talks of expanding the business internationally.

KENT Underwear Shark Tank Update

Kent underwear founders were able to secure a deal with Daymond John after being offered deals by 4 sharks. The deal was finalized at 15% Equity for $200k, compared to the $200k for 5% Equity that the founders initially offered.

As of March 2023, the company is still in business and doing great. They are planning to expand internationally and are in talks with big retailers. The company is still profitable and doing great.

Any new updates will be updated here as soon as possible. Bookmark the page to stay in touch.

What is Kent Underwear Net Worth in 2023?

Kent Underwear is growing at a great pace. As of now, Kent Underwear’s net worth is estimated to be just around $1.5 million.

Who are the competitors of Kent Underwear?

Kent Underwear has many great competitors and rivals. Some of the top Organic underwear brands are Knickey, Pact, Boody, WORON, Parade, Cosabella, Warp + Weft, WAMA Underwear, Allbirds, Julie May, LE BUNS, Araks, People Tree, Hanky Panky

According to a popular clothing website, These brands were rated in ‘Organic Underwear Brands’ as follows

#4KENT Underwear
Organic Underwear Brands Ranking

Best Selling Underwear Brands

#1Amazon Essentials Underwear
#2Pokarla Underwear
#3Fruit of the Loom Underwear
#4Warner’s Women’s Underwear
#5Hanes Women Underwear
Best Selling Underwears

Interesting Facts about KENT Underwear

  • World’s First Compostable Underwear
  • Made from 100$ Organic Pima Cotton
  • Plastic Free, free of synthetics, microplastics, BPA’s + Petrochemicals
  • Environmental friendly and sustainable underwear
  • Featured in Financial Times, Refinery29, Treehugger

Is KENT Underwear Still in Business?

Yes, KENT Underwear is still in business and doing great. Currently, the company is shipping its product to the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

As of now, the company’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, and currently has less than 10 Employees.

To hit a home run on this business, Daymond John is trying to expand the business internationally and trying to have big retail giants sell the product. As of now, the products are only being sold from the website and are not listed anywhere else. Products are not even listed on Amazon as of yet.

YES, Kent Underwear is still in business as of March 2023

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